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Our philosophy

Schweizer Fonogramm is a label for musicians offered by musicians. Our recording artists experience a balanced partnership of equals thanks to our know-how in front and behind the microphones, be it as artists on stage or as artistic directors of different festivals.
Schweizer Fonogramm is in the service of Music and its performing artists.

New releases

The Treasure Chamber of Swiss Symphonic Music

A DEBUT recording by Schweizer Fonogramm - and a world premiere for Joachim Raff and August Walter

Latest news

Christmas Special by Tonträger Music&More for our Lauber CD

Thank you, Thomas Suter, for your nice video – the Lauber journey goes on – the 3rd and the 6th symphonies have been recorded in the Menuhin Forum Berne last week – Kaspar Zehnder and his Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn have been exploring further landscapes in the symphonic world of this nearly forgotten Swiss composer.