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Schweizer Fonogramm is a label for musicians offered by musicians. Our recording artists experience a balanced partnership of equals thanks to our know-how in front and behind the microphones, be it as artists on stage or as artistic directors of different festivals.
Schweizer Fonogramm is in the service of Music and its performing artists.

New releases

ANIMA – six Fantasies in the Flow

Debut recording by violinist&composer Jonas Erni

Lauber’s symphonies No. 4 and 5 – world premiere recording

-the final volume of Lauber's symphonic work

Latest news

From the jury’s comment (Julia Kaiser): Characterized by work-in-progress: this positive impression is conveyed by the BlattWerk Quintet. Only in the moment of playing do these musicians seem to reinvent what they put into the music in terms of colors and impulses. Everything is cleverly arranged, and yet offers plenty of discoveries. The arrangement of Ravel’s “Ma Mère l’Oye” seems like a picture book in pastel tones, opening the senses to all the air formations and suspensions, to which Walter Feldmann gives figure in the title work: “figurations de mémoire” is a Hubble telescope for ears, through which one can listen into deep black holes.



11 nominations for 4 recordings of Schweizer Fonogramm at the OPUS KLASSIK awards

Congratulations to the Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn and Kaspar Zehnder for 6 nominations (symphonic recording of the year, orchestra of the year and world premiere recording of Joseph Lauber’s symphonies), the Berne Symphony Orchestra, Gilles Vonsattel and Mario Venzago (concerto recording and instrumentalist of the year for Leimer/Strauss’ concertos for left-hand) and BlattWerk Quintett as ensemble of the year, chamber music recording and world premiere recording of the year.

Swiss reed quintet BlattWerk’s debut album has just been released!

BlattWerk Quintet presents new arrangements of works by Bartòk and Ravel and a world premiere recording of “figurations de mémoire” by Swiss composer Walter Feldmann. Chameleon-like sonorities and a strong musical state of the art mark BlattWerk as an outstanding reed quintet ensemble.