DEBUT Swiss Orchestra

DEBUT Swiss Orchestra


Founded in 2018 by conductor and musicologist Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, the Swiss Orchestra an has set itself the goal of bringing forgotten Swiss symphonic works back to life on concert stages throughout Switzerland.The dynamic ensemble, composed of first-class instrumentalists of the younger generation, tours Switzerland together with renowned soloists such as Oliver Schnyder, Heinz Holliger, Marie-Claude Chappuis and others under the direction of Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer and combines highest quality with rousing esprit.

Their concerts not only include highlights of the classical repertoire, but also trouvailles of Swiss history of Music. Works by Swiss composers who were highly acclaimed in the classical and romantic periods are now undergoing their well-deserved revival to delight audiences with a treasure trove of outstanding Swiss music.

The Swiss Orchestra sees itself as an orchestra for the whole of Switzerland. With its presence throughout Switzerland and its programmatic focus on “Swiss symphonic music”, the Swiss Orchestra has a unique selling point within the orchestral landscape.

The musicians of this production DEBUT by Swiss Fonogramm during the recording sessions:

1st violin: Sherniyaz Mussakhan/concert master, Jana Ozolina, Simone Strohmeier, Ola Sendecki, Isabelle Briner, Jesper Gasseling, David Sypniewski, Iván Zerpa

Second violin: Aleksandra Andris/attack leader, Jakub Przybycień, Mira Spengler, Nina Ulli, Silvia Hunziker, Anik Stucki, Virginie Raemy

Viola: Lech Antonio Uszynski/attack leader, Caroline Vischer, Georgiana Bordeianu, Edmund Riddle, Alberto Rodríguez, Giulia Verlinghieri

Violoncello: Joachim Müller-Crépon/cehf d’attaque, Gunta Abele, Daniela Roos-Hunziker, Samuel Justitz, Lukas Raaflaub

Double bass: Lamberto Nigro/attack leader, Elisabeth Forster, Shkodran Osmanaj

Flute: Alba Luna Sanz Juanes, Anne-Lise Teruel

Oboe: María Alba Carmona Tobella, Amanda Tauriņa

Clarinet: Miquel Ramos Salvadó, Gábor Horváth

Bassoon: María José Garcia Zamora, Oscar Pérez Méndez

Horn: Antonio Lagares, Elia Bolliger, Alejandro Cela Camba, Miks Bankevics

Trumpet: Floris Onstwedder, Anushka Thul

Timpani: Mihaela Despa