Lauber’s symphonies No. 4 and 5 – world premiere recording

-the final volume of Lauber's symphonic work

March 28 2022

With the two middle symphonies – the Fourth (1913) and the Fifth (1918) – the rediscovery journey in the footsteps of the forgotten Swiss composer Joseph Lauber goes into the last round: In spite of the devastating consequences of the First World War  in terms of a general artistic and political condition, Lauber doesn’t fall into the confessional and remains in the traditional four-movement structure for both symphonies. But he also surprises in both works: with unexpected time signatures, exotic instrumentation (xylophone, tambourine. …), with a wealth of melodic allusions – and he even inserts a carillon melody that he claims to have heard while skiing in the Valais. A symphonist between the worlds and between the cultures – in his sense of sound a Frenchman, in the motivic design German and in the emotional internalization thoroughly Swiss. The Biel Solothurn Symphony Orchestra plays under the direction of Kaspar Zehnder. The artistic direction of the recording was provided by Frédéric Angleraux, ADCSound.



Remy Franck notes for our third Lauber volume with his symhonies No. 4 and 5.