The double as-if

Mahler's Fourth and Schnabel's songs in a remastered version

February 10 2020




Thanks to a re-mastering by our artistic director Frédéric Angleraux, Mahler’s 4th symphony in Klaus Simon’s pocket version emits from now on even more warmth and transparency: a rich colour palette and countless nuances offer a totally new listening experience of this ‘Wunderhorn’ symphony. Rachel Harnisch joins the soloists of the MythenEnsembleIOrchestral not only for a celestial finale of Mahler’s symphony but paints some small Freudian psychograms in Artur Schnabel’s songs which the great pianist had composed in his early years for the later Mrs. Schnabel: the famous contralto Therese Behr.


2 - MahlerIV/Simon, II In gemächlicher Bewegung, ohne Hast

4 - Mahler IV/Simon, IV Sehr behaglich ('Das himmlische Leben')

9 - Schnabel/Contratto, Heisst es viel Dich bitten (George)