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The Treasure Chamber of Swiss Symphonic Music – Cd of the day France Musique

A DEBUT recording by Schweizer Fonogramm - and a world premiere for Joachim Raff and August Walter

Even in the 21st century, Swiss Music from the Classical and Romantic periods still ekes out a shadowy existence. Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, conductor, musicologist and founder of the Swiss Orchestra, believes this is a regrettable fact. The two works presented on this new album, both from the Swiss Romantic period, were discovered by herself in intensive research and can now be listened to by a hopefully wide audience thanks to the DEBUT production of Schweizer Fonogramm. Together with the Swiss Orchestra, which is made up of first-class musicians of the younger generation, the conductor accompanies the Swiss mezzo-soprano Marie-Claude Chappuis in Joachim Raff’s ‘Traumkönig und sein Lieb’ op. 66, a dreamwoven and sensual orchestral song, and revives August Walter’s classicist Symphony in E flat major after almost 150 years of being lost. The treasury of the Swiss Symphonic Composition is open!

Joseph Lauber ( 1864 – 1952) – a Swiss late Romantic rediscovery – Symphonies no. 1 & 2

-a world premiere recording - Release end of November 2020

Hidden in an archive of the Library of the University in Lausanne, the astonishing six symphonies by Joseph Lauber represent a little sensation for Swiss Music History. Thanks to Swiss conductor Kaspar Zehnder this treasure has been rescued from oblivion; under his direction, the Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn recorded the first two symphonies of this enigmatic pianist, organist, teacher and composer last June-  in spite of Corona restrictions . Frédéric Angleraux/ADCSound was responsible for the artistic direction during the recording sessions in the Diaconis Church in Berne. We wonder if everybody will appreciate as much as ourselves the smooth bridge building craft between German meaningfulness and French perfume of Joseph Lauber who was born near Lucerne and brought up in the French part of Switzerland.