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Mahler’s First Symphony in a titanic pocket version, world première recording

Schweizer Fonogramm puts two arrangements in the focus of the studio production TITÄNLI*: Mahler’s first symphony sparkles in Klaus Simon’s version for 16 instruments and a mixed ensemble accompanies Alexander Zemlinsky’s enigmatic song on Richard Dehmel‘s poem ‘Maiblumen blühten überall’ (arrangement by G. Contratto). The MythenEnsembleOrchestral not only lifts the exuberant confessional music of Mahler’s First in this pocket version, but carries the soprano Lisa Larsson over the early-expressionistic abysses in Zemlinsky’s work who was a colleague and a rival of Mahler, in a certain sense….. Both recordings are world premieres.

*TITÄNLI : Swiss dialect diminutive of ‘Titan’, the original title of Mahler’s First in the Budapest premiere in1889.


Tribute to friendship

Period : Modern

Double-je marks the beginning of the adventure Schweizer Fonogramm: with three rarely given sonatas for two solo violins by Prokofiev, Honegger and Ysaÿe we suggest a rendez-vous with the violinists Raphaël Oleg (Tchaikowsky Award in 1986) and Frédéric Angleraux who will play a central role for this label. Double-je is dedicated to Jacques Fustier, Lyon’s great violin maker and close friend of the two musicians who both play instruments created by him on the record. The two violinists also owe their first encounter to Jacques who had organized a meeting in his studio in Lyon, some 20 years ago…