Schweizer Fonogramm is a label for musicians offered by musicians. Our recording artists experience a balanced partnership of equals thanks to our know-how in front and behind the microphones, be it as artists on stage or as artistic directors of different festivals.

Recording musicians will benefit from the exchange with the responsibles of the lable in terms of interpretation, program concepts, stylistic questions and will be part of the whole process of the production, too.

Schweizer Fonogramm is in the service of Music and its performing artists.

Graziella Contratto and Frédéric Angleraux
during a common recording session at the Radio Studio Zurich in Summer 2016


The Swiss-based label Schweizer Fonogramm has strong beliefs in the compact disc and in the diligence of studio recording productions which can still be seen as a cultural gesture, a message with a long lasting validity in times of general dematerialization.

Each of our recordings claims to offer an unique, emotionally touching sound experience: high-end technology with international standards meet artistic and musical empathy for a harmonious cooperation.

Schweizer Fonogramm puts an accent on the discovery of unknown repertoire, unusual line-ups, historically informed interpretations of classical music. The label also has an interest in the support of the artistic youth and Swiss Music.
We produce CDs and all digital formats.


Schweizer Fonogramm has an exclusive cooperation with Frédéric Angleraux whose international distinctions for different recordings are evidence for his various competences as a professional violin player with decennies of concert activities and the quality of his exceptional artistic direction skills. With his recording studio he designs the exciting musical energy and the moving sound diversity of the label.

In every sub-process the label’s artists are in contact and in a continuous dialogue with the directors, starting with the program dramaturgy and the choice of the recording hall, the texts in the booklet to the international promotion and communication of the recordings.

This is the task of Graziella Contratto, conductor and curatorof different international Music festivals. She is the director of Schweizer Fonogramm which has been founded in 2017. She also offers international experiences in the domain of project management, programmation concepts and support of young talents.


Audiobooks with Swiss literature, commented by Swiss free improvisers form another production approach of Schweizer Fonogramme’s. The encounter between a writer, a recitator and a spontanously interacting musician opens a new point of view on the transdisciplinary osmosis between different ( Swiss) arts.